Moving spirits

Dances by Gwen Rakotovao are inspired by her multi-cultural background and aim to use dance as a media to encourage the growth of peace. Since its debut, the Gwen Rakotovao Company has created and toured artistic work in four continents, spanning fifteen countries and thirty-three cities.  Welcome to the Gwen Rakotovao Company’s website, here you will learn about us, our work, outreach program and future events. With Love.



"I believe in channelling my creative urges in order to produce unique dance piece. My motivation to create work comes from my desire and hope to see better relationships between human beings. The Gwen Rakotovao Company was born out of a combination of my multiculturality, my training, my personal experience of life and the collaborations with artists of various fields. Dance is how I wish to make a difference in the world hence offer new ways of viewing and changing it."
Gwen Rakotovao





citoyen du monde francophone
Movement for hope

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citoyen du monde francophone

citoyen du monde francophone

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