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Becoming a Patron: Invaluable and Essential Support for Dance Artistic Creation

Updated: Dec 30, 2023

Dance is a profound and emotional form of expression that transcends words and speaks to our souls. As the choreographer and creator of the dance solo Mitsangana, an artwork exploring dimensions of human resilience and cultural diversity, I recently called for patrons to support this dance creation. Surrounded by a great team, our fundraiser event was a success, receiving generous donations online and in person.

However, a remark by an outsider, absent from the event, sparked reflection on the importance of supporting artistic dance creation.

The Context

In France, artistic creation, especially in dance, faces increasing challenges due to reduced cultural subsidies and financial resources. This reality deeply affects the creative process for artists. Despite dance's apparent simplicity, creating a show demands significant resources to grow and thrive. Designing, producing, and touring choreographic works require substantial financial means. Lack of funding limits access to necessary resources like rehearsal spaces, artistic collaborations, costumes, set designs, and performance promotion.

Simply put, without financing, a dance creation can't come to fruition or tour.

Given this reality, patronage, private donations, and alternative funding initiatives play a vital role in enabling artists to continue creating, innovating, and inspiring the public with their artistic creations. These financial contributions preserve the vitality and diversity of our cultural landscape, crucial for societal values.

The Power of Patronage

Patronage in the arts plays a crucial role in realizing and developing creative projects. As a patron, you become a fundamental pillar in the dance creation's materialization. Your contribution goes beyond financial support; you become a crucial link in the artistic creation chain, providing a platform for creative expression and cultural discovery.

By becoming a patron, you're taking part to a creation. Every contribution, regardless of the amount, drives this creation forward, supporting art, culture, and creativity in their purest form. You leave a lasting legacy for future generations, contributing to preserving a unique and enriching form of expression.

Ultimately, every donation to a patronage campaign is an essential building block in creating this choreographic work. Your support, no matter its scale, represents more than just financial aid. You become a key actor in ensuring this art form's sustainability by participating in its realization. Being a patron leaves an indelible mark in the artistic world and our society. It implies your commitment to culture, creativity, and artistic diversity. Your invaluable support and contribution to the advancement of dance and artistic creation are essential for the innovation, diversity, and the continuous evolution of this art. They are a significant step towards exploration, creativity, and sharing, shaping a dynamic and vibrant artistic landscape for future generations.

Artistic Soirée to collect funds for the dance creation Mitsangana
Artistic Soirée to collect funds for the dance creation Mitsangana


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