What is left to live and move with, when memories, cultures and traditions are all blurred by histories and geographical distance? FITIAVANA (formerly Esperanto) is a solo choreographed and interpreted by Gwen Rakotovao. Hailing from Madagascar, and growing up in France, Gwen brings a diasporic viewpoint in her work. Gwen’s inspiration for FITIAVANA came from her personal experience: to be born and to grow up in a different environment than the land of her ancestor. In FITIAVANA, the author explores the friction and the fusion that occurs when a human being find himself in between two different cultures. The body often expresses the weight or even the joy of it.

Gwen Esperanto, November 04, 2016, 252880.jpg


September 30th 2017, Goethe Institut, Antananarivo, Madagascar.
January 30th 2018, Trianon, Sotteville-Lès-Rouen
February 16th 2018, TPAM, Bukatsudo, Yokohama
February 21st 2018, FRINGE MANILA, Alliance française, Manila
april 4th 2018 Me Ya Be Festival, Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo





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ESPERANTO, micadanses, Gwen Rakotovao © Alain Nguyen

ESPERANTO in MICADANSES Paris © Alain Nguyen