INITIATION is the action of beginning something. The solo piece begins in a quiet atmosphere where the narrator initiates the audience to her reality. In a world where human and natural disasters constantly happen, the human beings are challenged to adjust and push the limits.

In our society, the concept of success often represents the running for gold and the loss of moral values. Despite all, some people fight diseases and are lead to healing. Some others cross borders with the hope to find a better life. This quest of success creates stories and encourages human beings to journey on…


INITIATION aims to lead the audience to a mysterious journey. A "voyage" which may initiate them to a change.



December 10th 2013, Théâtre Charles Dullin, Grand Quevilly
2016 Zama Aix, Aix en provence
2016 Festival les lieux mouvants, Lanrivain
2015 Festival Souar Souar, N'Djamena
2015 Fondation des Etats-Unis, Paris
2015 Afrik UrbanArts, Abidjan
2014 Conservatoir Danse, Oujda
2014 Institut français Agadir
2014 Alliance française Bangkok



 "A splendid voice, ethereal and gracious movements that promises an evening filled with warmth and beauty."

Alliance française Bangkok





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