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Photo de danse prise par Benjamin Petit

Interdisciplinary Artists

Interdisciplinary exchanges are essential to create our dances. Since its creation, the Gwen Rakotovao Company has had the pleasure of collaborating with many talented artists. Musicians, composers, singers, designers, videographers, photographers. Below, meet with our collaborators.

Artistes collaborateurs: Projects


Benjamin Petit

Môta Soa

Musician, composer, singer

Portrait du pianiste Victor Gutierrez

Pianist, composer

Victor Gutierrez


Gabriel Chaignon

Portrait du compositeur Eyal Maoz

Eyal Maoz


a singer

Sangeeta Kaur

Composers, musicians

Tenth Intervention

Composer, musician

Ferenz Kallos

photo de l'artiste estavida

Estavida Photo


Portrait de la costumière Madina Jah

costume designer

Portrait du photographe serge sanin

Serge Sanin


Portrait du compositeur ferenz kallos
Artistes collaborateurs: Products

Madina Jah

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