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L'Amour. La Liberté.
(Love. Freedom.)

In L'Amour. La Liberté. Gwen Rakotovao, investigates the connection between the diversities of culture and human beings. Together they become a catalyst for stories that intertwine and feed each other.

Rakotovao’s energetic, yet soothing and calming unique vision uses different movements from various styles and cultures. Accompanied by Chopin's nocturnes and in collaboration with the Leeds College of Music, L’Amour. La liberté. offers an insight in what is happening in our society.

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L'amour. La liberté.: Projects

Performance history

October 26, 2014, Dixon Place, New York
2016 Figure of notes, Charles Dullin theatre, Grand Quevilly
2015 Take Root's Festival, Greespace, Queens NY
2015 Chopin Urodzine Festival, Warsaw
2014 Night of 1000 Rabbits, Riley Theatre, Leeds

L'amour. La liberté.: About


TRAILER:  L'Amour. La Liberté. 

L'amour. La liberté.: Publications


& artistic collaborations

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Collaboration with the Leeds College of Music initiated by  Anastasia Belina Johnson

Female Pianist


Gavin Doyle, Victor Gutierrez, Daniel Johnson, Joshua Kelly, Beth Temperley.

Mixing System

Programming and sound engineer

Toby Wiltshire,  Tom Orrell

L'amour. La liberté.: Collections
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