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Mitsangana is a dance piece that evokes unity and resilience.

It celebrates the act of standing up. Created as a tribute to our humanity and the gesture of standing up, Mitsangana explores this movement, delving into its multi facets and profound connotations.

This choreographic creation was initiated from an academic and artistic research conducted by Gwen Rakotovao in the spring of 2019. It emerged from a collaboration between the American university TISCH NYU and Danspace Project. During this research, Gwen Rakotovao investigated the profound meaning of the act of rising, while unraveling the layers of complexity surrounding it.

On one hand, the dance creation reveals the unwavering resistance against forces that seek to diminish and immobilize. On the other hand, Mitsangana radiates with the vitality of this human strength that illuminates the inherent resilience of standing daily against adversities.

This choreographic creation stands as a tribute to our individual and collective capacity to rise, thrive, to be and exist.

Photo: Chamalo


Choreographer and dancer

Gwen Rakotovao



Light designer

Laetitia Leduc


Régis Gizavo, Hervé Rakotofiringa

Mialy Seheno

Production Administrator

Elodie Pelette

Production: SoaZara Arts & Partage

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"We learn to stand up to exist. We stand tall to resist.

We learn to stand up to be together. We stand tall to not be alone.

We learn to stand up to play. We stand tall to not fall.

We learn to stand up, then we dance. We stand tall, then we move forward.

Together. Alone. Together. Alone. We live. We rise. We stand tall, then we begin again."

Gwen Rakotovao

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