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Dance Classes

Unleash your transformation through dance.

Welcome to "Les Rondes"! This concept of dance sessions was born out of my passion for dance and well-being at the end of 2020. Initially, these sessions were created to provide a space where everyone could continue to move and connect with others, even from a distance.


Today, my dance sessions are much more than that. They are designed to accompany you in your personal development. Whether you are a beginner or experienced, all dance sessions offer an immersive dance experience to develop your body, mind, and creativity. *

"To take part in La Ronde is a chance to live the magic of dance."

Gwen Rakotovao, international dancer and choreographer – creator of Les Rondes.

*Private sessions are available in english in person or virtually. For now, all online programs are available in French which is also an easy and fun way to practice it.


Offre Pass Culture

Profitez de la session de danse du dimanche en livestream avec la danseuse et chorégraphe Gwen Rakotovao pour se motiver pour la semaine à venir, briller et relâcher les tensions. 

Sessions de danse

Danse en plein air



Explore the world of dance for your well-being.



Develop your creativity through dance and body expression.

Remise en forme

Tous niveaux

Relevez le défi du Challenge Danse sur le chemin de la remise en forme. Cultivez votre calme intérieure et développez la relation entre votre corps et votre esprit grâce à la danse. Challenge Danse vous permet de mettre en place une routine au service d'une remise en forme pour un corps et un esprit sain.

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For any inquiries 

Danse de groupe
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