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Since 2011, Compagnie Gwen Rakotovao has been performing and touring dance performances for theaters and festivals. Performance history includes Movement Research, Dixon Place, Triskellion Arts, GoWanus Art, Greenspace etc...


INITIATION is the action of starting something. The solo piece begins in a dark atmosphere where the choreographer introduces the audience to her reality. In a world where human and natural disasters are constantly occurring, human beings are challenged to adapt and push the limits.



In our society, the concept of success often represents financial prosperity and the loss of moral values. Despite all, some people fight illnesses and are brought to heal. Others cross borders in the hope of finding a better life. This quest for success creates stories and encourages human beings to journey on… It is this mysterious journey that the choreographer offers to the public and perhaps initiates them to change.

Love. Freedom.

In love. Freedom. Gwen Rakotovao, explores the connection between cultures and human beings with a message of hope that one day this connection will allow the gaps between generations, genders, judgments and individuals to be reduced.

Rakotovao's energetic and soothing choreographic gesture uses movements from different styles and cultures. Accompanied by music in conjunction with Leeds College of Music, L'Amour. Freedom. takes a look at the importance of human connection in our society.


FITIAVANA is the second solo choreographed and danced by Gwen Rakotovao.
Originally from Madagascar, Gwen drew on her personal experience to create FITIAVANA. Being born in France and growing up in a multicultural environment allowed her to navigate between two cultures and understand their differences. With FITIAVANA, she mixes the French and Malagasy cultures and histories. She plays with them, separates them, bring them together. FITIAVANA is a dance in search of unity, tolerance and peace.

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