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Danseuse Yuki Fukui et danseur John Kristoffer interprétant une chorégraphie de Gwen Rakotovao


Since its creation many dancers of different nationalities joined the Gwen Rakotovao Company. Because of their own stories, cultures, and dedication, they all contributed to bring their unique visions and talents to the dance pieces.

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Portrait de Yuki fukui directrice artistique associée de la Gwen Rakotovao Company

Yuki Fukui

Associate Artistic Director

Yuki Fukui, originally from Tokyo, Japan, is a dancer, choreographer and teacher based in New York.

Yuki started dancing at the age of 3 and received her training with Yoko Shimizu in Amsterdam (Netherlands), Misao Kai in Tokyo (Japan) and Sara Magistro in Paris (France) as a young dancer. In 2006, she moved to New York to attend Eugene Lang College The New School for Liberal Arts, where she studied with Takehiro Ueyama (TAKE Dance), Karla Wolfangle, Rebecca Stenn, Jose Limon (director by Sarah Stackhouse) , Anna Sokolow (directed by Jim May), Jill Johnson, to name a few, and earned her Bachelor of Arts with a concentration in dance after graduation.

Professionally, she has worked with HIU-Shudan (NYC), Dajhia Ingram Dance (NYC), The Movement Collective (NYC), Amalgamate Dance Company GAS Series (NYC), Dirty Soles Dance (NYC), BEAUTIES: As Seen By Others/ And The Then What Is Project (NYC) directed/choreographed by NYFA Fellow Artist Leslie-Arlette Boyce, in a site-specific immersive interactive dance theater performance Ghost Card Project (NYC) choreographed and directed by Hassan Christopher and Megan Weaver , and as assistant artistic director at the Long Island Dance Project (New York).

She is associate artistic director of Gwen Rakotovao Company (France/NY), with whom she has worked since 2011, and repetiteur of Mersiha Mesihovic/Circuit Debris (NYC) with whom she has worked since 2013, as well as in a new choreography SHE by Jinah Parker which will be performed in May 2017 in New York.

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