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La danseuse Gwen Rakotovao sur scène à Bangkok interprétant la création INITIATION


The word INITIATION is defined as an act of beginning something or an act to welcome a human being into a special group. In a world where natural and human disasters occur repeatedly, human beings are challenged to push their limits. In our society, the definition of success has different meanings. For some it represents a race for money, a gold rush devoid of any morality; for others it is the challenge of overcoming a difficult ordeal, an illness. A quest that connects human beings altogether, creates stories and encourages human beings to journey on... 

In this setting, the dancer introduces us to her reality. The starting point is loneliness and obstacles to overcome. A starting point that inevitably returns and attracts her like a magnet.


Performance history

December 10, 2013, Charles Dullin Theater, Grand Quevilly
2016 Zama Aix, Aix en Provence
2016 Moving Places Festival, Lanrivain
2015 Souar Festival Souar, N'Djamena
2015 Foundation of the United States, Paris
2015 Afrik Urban Arts, Abidjan
2014 Dance Conservatory, Oujda
2014 French Institute of Agadir
2014 Alliance Francaise Bangkok

2013 Dance soirée, Miami Edition



"A splendid voice, ethereal and graceful movements that promise an evening filled with warmth and beauty."

Alliance Francaise Bangkok

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