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Support artistic dance creation

Become a patron


Support the dance creation Mitsangana

You are invited to join the adventure of 'Mitsangana', a dance creation now in the making. Your support is essential to bring this artistic and cultural project to life.

By becoming a patron, you directly contribute to the realization of this artistic project.

Your financial support is crucial for the realization of the dance creation 'Mitsangana'. These funds will help finance the residency and creation periods, essential to perfect every detail of the performance. They will be allocated to several crucial aspects of the artistic creation: remuneration of the production team and artists, costume design, lighting production, as well as the establishment and development of the project.

If you pay taxes in France, contributing to our patronage program, you also benefit from tax advantages according to the current legislation while actively supporting art and culture.

Every contribution, regardless of size, has a significant impact on our ability to bring this exceptional creation to life. Together, let us participate in the emergence of a new artistic work full of meaning and emotions.

Join us in this beautiful artistic adventure.

Discover the details of our patronage program and make your donation below.

Your support matters, and we are immensely grateful to you!

Pourquoi soutenir l'art et devenir mécène? 

1. As a patron, your contribution entitles you to a tax reduction. According to French law, individuals receive a tax reduction equivalent to 66% of the donated amount, up to 20% of taxable income. For example, a donation of 100€ allows you to benefit from a tax reduction of 66€.

2. By making a donation to a general interest work, such as artistic creation, you will receive a tax receipt. This document confirms your contribution and enables you to benefit from the tax reduction when filing your tax return.

3. Support for culture: Becoming a patron actively supports culture and art in France. Your contribution plays a role in the creation and development of innovative artistic works, thus enriching the French cultural heritage.

4. Social impact: Your donation helps artists and creators realize their projects. It fosters the emergence of new ideas, supports artistic diversity, and encourages access to culture for a larger audience.

By becoming a patron, you support culture, enjoy tax benefits, and contribute to the development of artistic works in France while benefiting from a significant tax reduction. 

"Culture and art are the guiding threads that connect individuals within our society. They fully deserve our investment."

Gwen Rakotovao

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