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International dance program

Gwen Rakotovao launched the dance workshop Zari L'intrépide in 2014. Inspired by a children's novel, the dance workshops aim to introduce kids to dance and movement by encouraging them to use their imagination. The elements of the novel such as the colors, the wind, the forest are used to help them feel sensations and to guide them into dance improvisation. Together, while sharing the  space, they co-create and playfully explore their coordination. Enjoying all the benefits of dance and movement expression. 


The dance workshop Zari l'intrépide was presented internationally, in New York, Bangkok, Agadir, London, Kyoto, to name a few.

Dance program internationally: Resume
Zari l'inttr_pide _ Oujda.jpg
Zari l'intr_pide _ Agadir.jpg
bangkok danse.jpg


agaddir danse 2.jpg
kyoto danse.jpg
Dance program internationally: Collections
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