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Embark on a Journey Through Dance: Free Performances on My YouTube Channel!

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Get ready to be transported into a captivating realm of dance and choreography! If you've ever felt that dance is more than just movement, then you're in the right place. I'm delighted to invite you to discover a diverse collection of dance performances choreographed by me, and the best part is, they're all available for free on my YouTube channel.

These choreographies serve as a testament to the journey I've embarked upon as a choreographer. They reflect the growth, exploration, and artistic evolution I've experienced over time. Some videos showcase the peak of my creative expression, while others capture moments of experimentation and artistic discovery. Just as every step taken contributes to the dancer's narrative, each choreography tells a unique chapter of my own story in the world of dance.

Why just watch when you can experience dance through these videos? Each creation represents a piece of my passion and creativity, developed over the years. There's something for every mood and preference. From exhilarating short excerpts to complete creations that will take you on a journey, it's an invitation to dive into a world of movement and emotion.

🎥 Link to my YouTube channel to subscribe and never miss a beat:

Explore a chronological glimpse of moments that have captivated audiences:

1. **Lendrema -** An inspired choreography fusing dance with the mesmerizing rhythms of the Mahaleo group. A performance that enthralled New York City with its infectious energy.

2. **Fitiavana -** The power of transforming adversity into love. Experience a compelling performance presented at the Dance Biennale in Africa.

3. **Initiation -** An invitation to tranquility and meditation through dance. This piece has graced stages worldwide, transporting audiences into a unique sensory experience.

4. **Exile -** A signature work reflecting my Franco-Malagasy identity through dance and music. An enchanting collaboration in duet and trio with exceptional artists.

5. **L'Amour. La liberté. -** Explore human connections through dances in duos, quartets, and solos. A tribute to the beauty of relationships despite diverse origins and cultures.

6. **A une passante -** Adolescence and its flashes of passion come to life in this interpretation of a poem by Charles Baudelaire. A stunning debut in Bangkok.

7. **Carmina burana, Ave Formosissima & O Fortuna -** A grand performance with live music, celebrating femininity and collective power.

8. **Better days -** Immerse yourself in Ayo's infectious rhythm with an expressive dance. A creation born from a moment of solitude transformed into a vibrant solo.

Dive into a world where movement is an expression of the soul. Let yourself be carried away by moments of pure creativity and captivating performances.

Join the community and click here to subscribe and never miss a new creation.

Get ready to be inspired, moved, and amazed. The show starts now!



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