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How to make your body stronger with dance?

Updated: May 4, 2023

When I think of a strong body, I think of a healthy body that can face the daily challenges of life. Whether it is stress, fatigue or viruses, a strong body can overcome anything. When our body is strong and healthy, we have the time and space to develop a balanced, serene, and self-confident personality.

We all have our weak points: some people tend to fall ill more often, feel tired and anxious, while others are more resistant to viruses, and always have energy, despite the circumstances. Here, I wanted to put into perspective the fact that dance is a fantastic tool to help us strengthen our body.

We all agree that a balanced diet (which provides fuel for the body) and an adequate amount of sleep (which allows us to recharge our batteries) are two essential elements for great physical and mental health.

In our society, where stress is omnipresent, a third element must be taken into account. Physical activities is an unparalleled ally when it comes to strengthening our body and our immune system. Among the benefits of physical exercise, we find better functioning of the heart and blood activity, it helps lose body fat and improve our muscle strength and boost our endurance. Physical activities also help reduce stress, which leads to better health. There are endless choices of physical activities, and picking one can be difficult. It is crucial to choose the one that inspires you the most. It is important to be enthusiastic about doing this activity so that you can fully benefit from it.

So, why choose dance as a physical activity? What makes dance unique, unlike any other sport, is the use of creativity and imagination. When we dance, we intentionally focus and use our mind to create positive imagery through movements. It allows us to create high energies. Here is a short list of some of the benefits associated with dance, summarised in three points.

1) To be in the present moment. When we move freely, we enter into a meditative process. Meditation helps us to connect to the present moment. When we meditate, we put aside the worries of the past and the problems of the future. Meditation is a gift for our body and our mind. It gives them an opportunity to regenerate. Since our brain is used to staying alert, it can sometimes be difficult to sit still and calm our mind while meditating. Thoughts/worries often disturb us. With meditative dance, by moving freely, we set negative thoughts aside. Dance brings us into the present moment. By dancing, we benefit from all the virtues of meditation.

2) To rediscover your child's soul and your joy of life. Dance is a great tool to develop and nurture a happy state of mind. By dancing frequently, we make it a habit to imagine and create our own world. By moving energetically, we release our tensions. We connect with our inner child who believes that anything is possible. To "re"connect to your little self, to feel and develop your power of imagination and creation, as well as to take it into your daily life, are important steps towards developing a positive attitude in all situations.

3) Gain self-confidence and become stronger while having fun. Because of the various choreographic combinations that one must do and repeat while dancing, dance is a fantastic tool to joyfully work on your memory. Moreover, because of the repetition of gestures in a playful atmosphere with music, the body effortlessly becomes more robust and flexible. Our body is very smart. It remembers all the gestures we repeat while dancing. This is how we build a new body knowledge which is very useful in everyday life. For example, when we practice dance, we become more skilful, able to anticipate a fall and regain our balance. In short, altogether, the body and the mind, push our limits through coordination and memorisation. They become stronger, and more reactive.

Finally, dancing is much more than just a physical activity. It also allows us to create our own reality while embracing the power of the present moment. Hence, bringing us to a state of physical and emotional balance. This is why the dance sessions Danse Illimitée* and programs Challenge Danse, that I created, offer a space to learn dance, at your own pace. It is a great opportunity to become the superhero you deserve to be every day.


*sessions are explained in French, but since dance is universal, it is still possible to enjoy them. Moreover, it is also a great way to practice French. : )


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